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Disclaimer Terms and Agreement

Please submit with each Short Story, Poetry, Coloring and or, Art entry

Hello, from the desk of Shelly Echols, the founder of First, I would like to take this time to personally extend my gratitude for taking an interest in Shelly Books and More Short Story, Poetry, Coloring and Art contest. 

We’re so excited to have you submit and compete for any one of our prizes. We are sure this will be most exciting for both you and us.

The most exciting and best part of our contest is that it is ongoing. Therefore, it does not have a cutoff date; what you would call a deadline. That leaves an open-door opportunity for those who would like the chance to submit an entry. Whether in the summer, winter, fall, or spring, we are always here to help inspire and receive your talent.

Below is what we call our Disclosure Terms and Agreement. This is your Entry Form, which serves as your Cover Letter. Please read below and include this with your entry.

Disclosure Terms and Agreement

By submitting this entry form, you agree to our Terms and Agreement. Upon receiving your work, whether that is any type of writing and or art, you agree to allow us to view and judge your work as we see necessary.

Upon reviewing your entry, it is at our discretion to judge accordingly as we deem necessary. Should we decide to declare your entry a winner you agree to give up all rights to your work, which was your entry, hereby to Shelly Books and More. However, giving up all rights in no way, shape, or form takes away its original author or illustrator’s credit. Therefore, we take no credit for any entry in which we declare a winner. All work is given the proper credit of its original creator. As such, we therefore only own the rights to the work, and may use as we choose whether that be for monetary purposes, educational purposes, gallery purposes, and any other purpose which may not be stated and or listed.

Should your entry be declared a winner by Shelly Books and More, you agree to our terms that you will not in any shape or form reproduce the work of the entry. As such, you recognize that you have given up all copyrights to the said work. It thereby belongs to Shelly Books and More and may not be reproduced in the same manner in which it was submitted and deemed a winner.

By submitting your work, whether it is writing and or art, you hereby constitute that all work(s) submitted are free of plagiarism. By submitting your entry, you agree to allow us to do a background check to identify its authenticity and originality. Should it be discovered that the work submitted and deemed a winner was plagiarized, we reserve the legal right to recover any losses incurred as a result of submitting plagiarized work, whether that be in the form of writing and or art. 

This agreement you understand is legally binding, as Shelly Books and More, and the contestant have agreed to exchange the entry, which has been declared a winner in exchange for cash and or prizes. This is an indefinite agreement at which once the prize is accepted, from that moment forward, the contestant no longer holds the legal copyrights to their original work.

This agreement is only binding if the entry is declared a winner. Therefore, all other entries are still the rightful owner of the author, and or illustrator. We thereby hold no legal right, and or claim to reproduce or profit from the work submitted. However, at times we will showcase the various works of art and or writings that come through as possible winners. We may showcase on any of our given platforms. However, any works of original art and or writing do have the potential to be sold from anyone of our platforms, but with respect to the original creator to profit from their own work, at which we only take a commission off the sale of the work, which came as a result from anyone of our platforms.  

At any given time, we reserve the right to alter our Disclosure of Terms and Agreement. That does not alter the agreement made at the time in which the contestant agreed to accept their prize-winning(s) as a result of entering Shelly's Books and More Short Story, Poetry, Coloring and Art Contest.

Upon Submitting your entry please do not forget to subscribe to our website to stay up to date on our newsletter, and head over to our Youtube Channel, Shelly Books and More, to like and subscribe.

This is a simple way to help support our cause in helping us to reach more young people. In addition to that this is where the winner is announced first through our Youtube channel. Individuals have the opportunity to watch our panel discuss entries as they come in, in which contestants have the opportunity to take part in, as well as receive all needed updates.

Stay Tuned to the show through our Youtube Channel!

Please indicate which contest you are submitting:

_____  Short Story/Writing

_____   Poetry
_____   Art

_____   Coloring
Please indicate if this coloring entry is from that of a copyright protected source, such as a coloring book.

Please Note: This has no bearing on qualifications of winning.

Yes _____   or   No _____

If from a copyright protected source, if possible, please include source, such as, a copy of page showing publishers info. On Coloring books this info can usually be found on back of page.
If coloring sheet is from the internet, such as, Pinterest, whether free or paid, please include source. Can be wrote on back of coloring sheet.

Please refer back to our Coloring Page on our website for further clarification.

If it is unclear upon receiving a coloring sheet entry whether or not it is an original work of art, and no copyright info is attached it will be treated as through it is copyright protected, unless proven otherwise.


Full Name ________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City ______________________________      

State ____________    Zip  ______________


Phone Number of contestant  (               )   _____________________________

Email ___________________________


Date of Birth ___________________     


Age ___________


School/After school program ________________________________________


If home school please check ______

If not attending school please check ______


Grade  _________________


Male ______________     Female ___________    Nondisclosure ____________

(It is at the discretion of the contestant to disclose their gender. This does not hinder the acceptance of the entry form.)

Parent or Guardian signature if a contestant is a minor under the age of 18 ______________________________________________


By providing your signature, you as a parent, guardian or contestant, being the legal age of 18, give permission for Shelly Books and More to live or prerecord contestant being presented in person as a winner whether at residence, at school, or any other location agreed upon to present winner. In addition, you also agree to allow us to share any videos and or pictures created as a result of contestant winning on any of our platforms, at which upon sharing no personal information will be shared other than name, and or, school of winning contestant. We value our winner's personal information and not seek to share other than what is deemed necessary. 

Phone Number (              ) ______________________

Contestant sign or print name __________________________________________________   Date __________________

Please submit this form with your entry:

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