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Coloring Contest

Open to all Elementary and Middle School Age Children
Awarding $100-$500 plus more prizes

This is to be awarded every 4-6 weeks depending on the number of entries and funding we have available.

  • Children may submit multiple entries of different coloring sheets. Please submit an Entry Form for each coloring sheet being submitted.

  • Children may choose whatsoever they would like to color, using crayons, markers, pencils, and or paint.

  • Children may draw themselves something to color or have someone draw it for them. 

  • Coloring sheets should not be folded. 

  • Please mail entry in appropriate size envelope. Multiple entries may be included within one envelope, however, please ensure that entry is followed by the correct Entry Form.
    For ex: Entry Form, then Entry, Entry Form, then Entry.

    If attaching, PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH BY MEANS OF STAPLE. Instead, please use paperclip.

  • If the coloring sheet is from a coloring book, please include a copy of the back page showing publishers information.

  • If coloring sheet is from a website of any sort, please include source if not shown on page. You may simply note this on the back of sheet. For example, Pinterest, iStock by Getty Images

****Please Note: Due to copyright laws only original works of art may we consider the right to possession, however, this has no bearing on us selecting winners. All entries regardless of source are eligible to win, however, all winnings do not qualify us the right to possess. 


Now Here: The Reading Dinosaur Coloring Book. Perfect for children that would like to enter our coloring contest

Please Note: This will have no bearing on who we select to win. It is our desire to see all types of creativity regardless of what children decide to use to enter our coloring contest. 


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For Entry Form Please Click Below

Writing and Art Entry Form | Short Story, Poetry, and Art Contest (

We encourage our contestants to Like and Follow us on our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Both can be found under, Shelly Books and More.


It is on our Youtube channel, and or, Facebook page where we announce our winners live.

Again, following us is the best way to hear us announce our winners and stay up to date.

Educators and the like are welcome to get their students involved. Simply click on the link above and follow the directions. 

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