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Frequently Asked Questions

What you must know before submitting poetry and art entry

It’s important to us that our contestants feel fully informed and confident when entering our contest. That’s why we’ve made an extensive list of any questions that you may have. Browse through the information below and if you have any questions which are not included, please feel free to reach out to us today.

What is the age and grade requirement to submit an entry to the poetry and art contest?

There is the no particular age nor grade requirement other than being of school age up to 12th grade no older than 18. If a child has the ability to write, they are more than welcome to submit an entry.

What topics may a youth cover in the writing and art contest?

There are no topics that are off limits. A youth is free to express themselves as they see fit.

What is the word count requirement?

The word count requirement that may be submitted should be no more than three pages double spaced. If there are more than three pages the entry risk being disqualified.

When a youth submit their work will it return back to them?

Unfortunately, Shelly's Books and More, cannot guarantee that any entries submitted whether writing, coloring, and or art, will be returned. Therefore, when submitting please be prepared for your work not to be returned back to you. If need be, please make necessary copies.

May a youth enter the writing, coloring and art contest more than once?

Absolutely a youth may enter the contest more than once.

Can a youth enter the same work more than once?

Yes! As long as it has not been declared a winner a youth is more than welcome to resubmit an entry.

How often can a youth enter the poetry, coloring and art contest?

There is no limit to the number of times a youth may enter the poetry, coloring and art contest. As long as the youth is not over the age of 18, there is no limit to the number of times the individual may enter any of our contests.

How often will the writing, coloring and art contest run?

Due to, Shelly Books and More, being in its beginning phase we cannot accurately predict how often we will run any of our contests. However, we are more than ready to start accepting entries. Each time we declare a winner the contest resets. Therefore, it would be to the youth, as well as, to the parent advantage to follow us on all of our social media's platforms. Please be sure to like, follow and subscribe to all of our social media's platforms.

How many winners in a single contest?

The number of winners in a single contest is at, Shelly's Books and More, discretion. However, please note, it can be anywhere from one to three winners for any of our given categories. which is our writing, coloring and art.

How will a youth know that they have won?

The way a contestant will know that they have won is by receiving a call from, Shelly's Book's and More. After we have made verbal contact an in-person meeting will be scheduled in order that we may personally deliver their prize. As part of our delivery we also broadcast, stream, and or record our delivery as part of our show, as we interview the winner. You can learn more about this on our Facebook and Youtube channel, Shelly Books and More.
If for residential reasons, Shelly Books and More, is unable to personally deliver winnings a zoom meeting for an interview can be scheduled, at which cash and prizes will be delivered by postal mail.

What are the prizes?

The prize can be anywhere between $100-$500 plus more prizes, which can include an assortment of various gifts such as, a gift card, shoes, clothing, etc. This is at our discretion.

If a youth win, what then?

If a youth win, what is then, the youth's work will then become a property of, Shelly Books and More. Please see the appropriate contest, as well as, the Disclaimer Terms and Agreement.

Is there a residential requirement?

The only residential requirement we have is that the youth live in the United State, however, soon we will open our contests to other countries.

Are there any other benefits to winning, Shelly Books and More, Writing, Coloring and Art Contest?

Yes, there are many benefits to winning our contests.

  • For starters, all winners are featured on our website for all visitors to view.

  • Next, the winner's work, for our writing contest will be used to help create editions of books. In addition to that, although the winner's work will be the property of, Shelly's Books and More, the winner will retain all of the credit for being the original author of their writing. Therefore, Shelly Books and More, do not take any of the credit as being the author. We simply own the rights to it.
    Please See, The Disclaimer Term of Agreement.

  • Winners from our Coloring and Art Contest will be used to help create various merchandise, such as, bookmarks, calendars, creating coloring books based on the original art, drawings and colorings of those children who won, allowing other children and adults the opportunity to color the works of those children.
    Please Note: How, Shelly Books and More, choses to create merchandise is at our full disclosure. Therefore, we are not limited to the above mentioned.  

  • Winners from our Coloring and Art Contest will be used to create a gallery on our website. Individuals will have the opportunity to purchase the original artwork won from, Shelly Books and More Art Contest, at which the artist will retain all the credit as being the original artist.
    Please Note: This does not include the purchase of our coloring contest, ONLY the art.

Is there a fee, or cost to enter, Shelly Books and More, writing, coloring and art contest?

There is absolutely no fee nor cost to submit and entry whether writing, coloring, or art for the contest. Simply submit and wait to see if you have won.

How should a youth submit an entry for the art contest?

When submitting an art entry, it may be submitted on any type of drawing paper, canvas, cardboard, etc. Please keep in mind when submitting any type of artwork, it cannot be submitted folded, therefore please consider the appropriate size envelope for delivery.

Is there a deadline to submit entries?

No, there is no deadline to submit entries. Because, Shelly Books and More, contests are ongoing, when a winner has been declared the contests resets, therefore, allowing new entries the chance to win.

Can a youth submit more than one entry at a time?

Absolutely a youth is more than welcome to submit more than one entry at one given time, whether it be writing, coloring, and or art. However, please know that only one entry may be declared a winner from the writing, coloring, and or art at any one given time. Meaning, if a contestant submits more than one poetry, they may only win one out of all that were submitted. The same goes for coloring, and or art. However, if luck would have it, a youth may win at any given one time from each category, being, writing, art, and or coloring. This would seem highly unlikely, but possible.

If you are ready to submit an Entry Form, please click on the link below

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