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Reading Incentive Program 18 and under

Rewarding our children for reading books

How To Participate

Children can participate by choosing books from our list that they may purchase.

There are several ways children can gain access to our list of books.

  1. On our website

  2. When doing an in person presentation our list is given as part of a take home packet

  3. A small list can be found on our newsletter

Please Note: Our full list can be found on our website. The above is only a partial list of books for children to choose from.​

How Participants Will Be Rewarded

  • When children make their purchase they will postal mail, not email, us their receipt. That receipt is therefore placed in a drawing​

We Have Created Several Ways to Increase Participants Chances

  1. Their first receipt. When a participant sends us their receipt, we then take that receipt and create a file, where we monitor who is receiving rewards.

  2. They can share a picture on our business page of them posing with their book.

  3. They can send us a short report of several sentences, which will serve as proof that they have read the book. In this report, they can share what they liked about the book, what they did not like about the book, their favorite character(s), their favorite part, scene, etc.

This gives the participant a total of 3 chances to win rewards for reading one book.

If we check a file and discover that a participant has went several months without their name being drawn, we will then issue them a reward. This is our way of ensuring that all children are being properly rewarded. 

We have a video previously recorded which you may hear us further explain our Reading Incentive Program, or you may Get In Touch With Us.

Our program is not yet complete. Please check back as we continue to update our Reading Incentive Program. 

Thank you for your understanding

Incentive Program List

Shelly Books and More, Reading Incentive Program List.jpg

Janessa The Phenomenal Brown Skin Girl, By Tia Oteng



Confident Queen Journal Workbook, By Jenaya White



Hanging With Uncle Eddie, By Sage, Mervelle



Journey’s Magic Crayons: Journey’s Crayons, By Tiffany Adams



Caylee Has a Gift (The Children’s Gift Series), By Dionne L. 



Tommy and the Farting Turtle, and His Adventures, by Lisa G Thompson



Eye Can See, by Mo Ember



A Children’s Story About Controlling Anger, By J J Shegog, 



Becoming Friends, By Julie Turnipseed, 



The Helpful Deer, by Guillistan Yildiz Mente



The Jolly Toucan, By Guillistan Yildiz Mentes



Hebrew Language and Culture Yeladim Workbook



 Different Sides of the Same Coin



 Book O, By Xavier Jones



 Joseph’s Journey: When Dad Left and Never Came Home



Joseph’s Journey: When Dad Left and Never Came Home



Mason and His Superpower



HOME - Maggie the Shih Tzu Detective



 Malik Chooses Generosity, By Sasha Wright



Laila Perseveres, By Sasha Wright



Help Jay I’m Scared of the Dark, By Tarsha Champion



Queen Alora and Winter Ease: A Queen and Her Crown



 Look What the Emails Did, By Maddie Conway



 Text Messages Rule the World, By Maddie Conway



 Oh No! It’s Those Emails Again, By Maddie conway


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