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The Reading Dinosaur Coloring Book

The Reading Dinosaur Coloring Book

The Reading Dinosaur is a coloring book that inspires children with the love and joy of reading.  Each page consist of smiling and happy dinosaurs in their fun environment of trees, mountains, and the jungle, surrounded by books. As the children color they will become inspired to share in the dinosaurs fun of reading, while they unleash their inner creativity. 

There are 20 unique and orginal pages of fun filled reading dinosaurs. Each fun filled page will inspire your child to want to color more and be inspired to read. The children will delight in their imagination as they enjoy coloring each page. 

Each page is printed on a single side, on a 80 lb text uncoated white paper. The front and back is a 80 lb satin cover. It was designed with our contest in mind, allowing children to submit each sheet, using whatsoever they would like to use, such as, crayons, markers, paint, color pencils and will not bleed through. Perfect for ages between 4 and 12, along side our coloring book contest.

  • 30 day return policy


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