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The Place Where Childhood Dreams Win Big

Ever wonder where children's imagination thrives, and dreams win big?

This is Shelly Books and More, a haven where the flicker of a child's curiosity ignites into a wildfire of creativity. But wait, it gets even better

A Contest Like No Other

Imagine a place that isn’t just about reading books. It’s where stories leap o the pages and into the hearts and minds of our future leaders. Here, we don’t just hand over a book, we set the stage for a spectacle.


A contest, not just any contest, the contest. The #1 contest for children worldwide.

Why We’re Here?

We started with a simple dream. To turn the page on the ordinary and introduce the extraordinary. Because we believe every child deserves a free ticket to the adventure of learning. And we've made it our mission to hand out these tickets every single day.

Why We’re Here?

No entry fees. No fine print. Just pure, unadulterated joy of expression through words, art, and imagination. This is our promise, our creed. From short stories to poetry, from vibrant art to vivid coloring, we champion the potential in every child under 18.

Fostering a Lifelong Love of Reading, Writing and Art

At Shelly Books and More, our family of children's contests serve a greater purpose. They are our vehicle for inspiring a passion for reading, self-expression through writing, and imagination through art.

Why focus here? Because reading expands understanding, writing gives clarity to ideas, and art awakens creativity. Together, they are the foundations for growth.

That's why cultivating enthusiasm and skills in these areas is central to our mission. Every story penned, poem craed, and drawing conceived brings us one step closer to helping children fall in love with learning.

Our authors and creators understand this ethos. It informs all the content and products we produce. Our goal is always to spark curiosity, motivate young minds, and promote the sheer joy of reading, writing and artistry.

The Reading Incentive Program
And then, we thought, why stop there?

So, we introduced the Reading Incentive Program. A program where every page turned could be the ticket to their next prize.


It's not just about reading, it's about rewarding the journey of knowledge.

Cash, Prizes, and Infinite Smiles

You ask. Simple. Through our contests, we're awarding more than just points and pats on the back. We're talking cash, prizes, and the kind of recognition that makes a child’s confidence soar.

Their Future, Our Driving Force

We do this because we know the power of a well-told story, the stroke of a paintbrush, and the final period of a poem. These aren't just activities, they're life skills shaping children into the well-rounded adults of tomorrow.

A Monthly Celebration of Achievement

But here's the twist. We don’t just celebrate annually. We make it a monthly gala. Every month, children get a new chance, a fresh start. It keeps the momentum going, the inspiration flowing, and the excitement growing.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-10 at 19.58_edited.jpg
A Monthly Celebration of Achievement

Our Reading Incentive Program is a game-changer. Why? Because it's not just about the words; it's about the engagement and interaction with the story. It’s the thrill of connecting the dots and the pride in sharing what they've learned.

The Shelly Difference
And then, we thought, why stop there?

It’s simple. We’re the first to sponsor an ongoing contest like this, fueling not just motivation but a continuous spark of inspiration. And with our Reading Incentive Program, we turn passive reading into active learning.

Join the Shelly Family

Now, we’re inviting you to be a part of this story. To join a family that’s growing, learning, and celebrating together.


Shelly Books and More isn't just our name, it's our story, it's their story, and with open arms, we welcome it to be a part of yours.


Request more info, using the form below, and as a thank you, receive your entry form delivered to your inbox, with a coloring sheet from our first coloring book, Reading Dinosaur. 

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