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Pick of the Month, Janessa the Phenomenal Brown Skin Girl

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Shelly Books and More would love to introduce to you, Janessa the Phenomenal Brown Skin Girl, written by, Tia Oteng and Illustrated by, Bulankina Ka.

What can I say about this phenomenal book! There is just so much to say. Where do I start? The illustration is phenomenal. The colors are so alive and vibrate. The moment the pages opens to your child, a big wonderous smile will begin to glow. A smile that will speak of love and confidence as they lay eyes on Janessa for the first time.

Knowing that children are like little buds that are looking to bloom, we must treat them like the little delicate beautiful flowers that they are. This book allows parents and educators to do exactly just that. Through the journey that Janessa tells, children's minds will be nourished with love, goodness and kindness.

Janessa is on a wonderous journey of becoming a successful fashion designer. There's ups and downs that Janessa must endure to accomplish her goal. Through her journey she experiences friendship, love, bravery and with that the essence of never giving up. This is the care and guidance that children will receive when joining Janessa as she aspires to reach her world of fashion goal.

Children will learn that no goal is ever too big to dream or achieve. That is the quality that puts children on the path to success. Continuing to instill such values not only benefits the child, but the family, extending to the outside world, creating a better world to live and thieve.

By sharing in this book, your child will learn that achieving goals can be challenging, but through faith and virtue they can overcome any obstacle. They will learn that achieving goals requires bravery, but it's that bravery that blooms them to become the goal driven child growing to become successful adult. An adult that they can be proud to become.

To join Janessa on her beautiful journey, please click on the link below

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