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Ignite a Child's Imagination: Your Book Could Be Their Next Adventure!
Turn the Page to Excitement: Make Your Book a Child's Treasure!
Your Stories Can Spark Dreams: Join Our Mission to Delight Young Readers!
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Become a beacon for budding minds—your book awaits eager eyes and open hearts.
Join our vibrant tapestry of tales where every read is a chance to win big and dream bigger!
Step into a world where your words win smiles and stories unlock prizes—write for a cause that rewards!
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Shelly Books and More | More Than A Bookstore
We're not just a bookstore, we're a growing family committed to sparking joy through reading. Our passion? To bring stories to life for kids everywhere. We believe every child deserves to journey through realms of endless possibility with just the flip of a page. 

That's why we've made it our mission to connect young readers with tales that teach, thrill, and stir the soul. We're all about creating those 'aha' moments that only a good book can provide.
Join us, and together, let's fill the world with the magic of reading, one book at a time!
The #1 Children's Contest
Imagine a world where children's creativity is celebrated every month, that's the heart of our #1 Children's Contest. With no entry fee, kids under 18 can showcase their talents in writing, poetry, art, and more. 
It's a chance to shine and win BIG. 

We're proud to say it's become a playground for imagination and a launching pad for dreamers. 

Each entry is a burst of creativity; every winner is a story of triumph. Our contest isn't just a competition; it's a community where young spirits soar on the wings of their ingenuity. And the best part? We're just getting started. 

Join us in valorizing youthful vision and watch these bright minds turn pages into possibilities.
Introducing the Reading Incentive Program
Get ready for something special! Our Reading Incentive Program is a fresh, new chapter for young readers. It's all about getting kids to love reading. 

How? By making it thrilling! Think of it as a treasure hunt where every book is a clue to winning fantastic prizes. 

It's a win-win: kids dive into unforgettable stories, and the excitement of rewards keeps the pages turning. We're on a mission to make reading the coolest activity around. 

So, grab a book, join the adventure, and let the love for reading bloom!
How Authors Benefit From Our Program
Authors, your talent is the treasure, and our Reading Incentive Program is the map that leads to:
  • Wider Audience: Your book will meet the eyes of countless young readers eager for new stories.
  • Increased Sales: Every reading adventure your book embarks on is a chance for a sale and a new fan.
  • Star Power: Your author's name shines brighter as kids delve into your pages.
  • Community Impact: You're not just selling books but nurturing a new generation of book lovers.
  • Movement Membership: Join a collective of esteemed authors on a mission to grow the love for reading.
  • Lasting Impressions: Your stories will touch hearts and shape dreams, creating lifelong memories for young readers.
  • Promotional Boost: We spotlight your work in our magazine subscription, website, when doing school presentations, sharing our book list for children to participate in, and email campaigns, giving you the fame your words deserve.
  • Feedback and Growth: Hear directly from your audience, gaining insights to refine your craft and write hits.
  • Prizes: As part of our cash and prizes, we only award books from our list, which means you, as an author have the opportunity to have your book shine as a prize from our family of children contests, 18 and under, where there are no entry fees, children are welcome to enter as often as they like, when they like.
  • Future Ventures: As we expand, so does your potential—be a part of future programs, events, and more!
Here's The Scoop On How It All Works
First, we gathered a bunch of excellent books, which could include yours! Then, we put these on a list on our website and in a fun magazine. Kids check out the list, pick your book, and start reading.
They snap a photo with your book sharing on any of our social media outlets, including TikTok, Instagram, and more. They can send in a summary for us to read, or they may tag us with them doing their book summary, creating their own TikTok to get into our prize draws. Every book read and every activity is a ticket to win something neat, from cash to surprises. 

So, every time a kid chooses your story, they could win big, and you score new fans. It's simple and fun, and it all starts with your book!
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Our Rewards System
Our Reading Incentive Program isn't just about reading, it's a celebration! 
Every book a child reads from our list is a golden ticket to win cool stuff. We're talking about crisp cash ranging from $10, $15, $20, $100 to $500, not to mention amazing prizes like the latest gadgets, toys, and even tickets to fun places. 
Imagine the joy when a child gets a prize just for enjoying your book! It's all about making reading as fun as playing their favorite game.
It’s Time to Light Up a Child’s Love of Reading
Authors, we want your books to be the spark that lights up a child's love for reading. Join our Reading Incentive Program today.
Be the author that kids will talk about in playgrounds and classrooms. Let's turn your words into their next great adventure!
The Grand Prize
Additionally, throughout the month, as children participate in the Reading Incentive Program by sharing book selfies, we randomly choose them to give out prizes. The more active they are, the more they will increase their chances of winning, 

Every few wee
ks, the excitement peaks as we draw the name of one lucky reader for the Grand Prize—a prize so grand it'll have kids reading in a frenzy! 

Join the Adventure

Time's ticking...

The Grand Prize
Your story awaits its audience. Sign up now, make an impact, and watch as your book becomes a cherished part of children's lives. 

Join us, and let's ma
ke reading the highlight of every child's day! 

Please submit the form below, with the message, 
Interested Author. Please allow up to
24-48 hours for the response.
Our Reading Incentive Program
Our Reading Incentive Program
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